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Helia-D International Pty Ltd

The founders of Helia-D International® are Mr. and Mrs. Hazafi and their daughter Melinda van der Walt. Helia-D International initially imported the famous Helia-D skincare products from Hungarian and now supplies thousands of salons and Beauty training colleges with beauty and salon products and equipment.

Helia-D International is one of the largest distributors for waxes and equipment to beauty salons in South Africa. Helia-D International Health and Beauty Training College and satellites have adopted the philosophy that Beauty Therapy is an ‘Art of Beauty’ that has to be studied, mastered and applied with confidence.

Founder of Melinda & Supernova Wax - Melinda van der Walt is the founder and creator of Melinda and Supernova waxes distributed in South Africa and is exporting globally. Melinda and Supernova waxes are widely used in beauty salons and beauty training institutes and offers a range of exclusively formulated waxing and consumable products. The waxes are available from our national wax agent’s within South Africa and Africa.

Helia-D International maintains a competitive edge excellent service and distribution of quality products.

  • Professionalism in sales and service
  • Efficient and polite service
  • Quality Products tested by Melinda
  • Competitive prices
  • After sales service and exchanges

Helia-D International is a manufacturing and service delivery Company that offers opportunities to empower entrepreneurs to an easier self-start through purchasing Helia-D International sites of delivery campuses in each province or distribute Melinda and Supernova waxes & Helia-D Inspired fragrances and approved brands distributed by Helia-D International.


Melinda van der Walt - Director

Melinda is the Director of Helia-D International.

Melinda trains students and beauty therapists on a weekly basis and offers advanced courses and training as part of the Master Class. Melinda has demonstrated her waxing abilities in the Melinda DVD for all areas of the body. This includes Brazilian waxing for men and woman.






 Leighton van der Walt - General Manager







Julia Hazafi - Finance Manager

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