Beautiful Brows & Designer Eyeliner

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Rotary Brows, Microblading & Designer Eyeliner

8 Day Course - R34 950.00


Kit Includes:

1x Rotary Machine

50x Needles (Various Sizes)

50x Needle Caps

1x Practice Pad

1x Box - Latex Gloves

1x Box - Nitrile Gloves

1x Tint Bowl

1x Container for sterilant

100x Microbrush

1x Kidney Bowl

1x Sterigel (250ml)

1x Cold Sterilant (250ml)

1x Antiseptic Hand Wash (250ml)

1x Numb Master (10ml)

1x Blue Gel (10ml)

1x Box - Face Masques

6x Pigments

100x Pigment Pots/Rings

1x Bio Scrub

1x Squeeze Bottle

20x Alcohol Swabs

Pack of 50 hair nets

1x Sharps Bin (1l)

1x Waterproof Pencil

1x Sharpener

1x Brow Ruler

1x Skin Marker

1x Tweezer

1x Cooling Masque

10x 7 Pin Flex

5x 12 Pin Flex

5x 14 U Shape

1x Hand Tool


Consumables for Student to Bring:

  • Make-Up Remover
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Box Tissues
  • Cotton Buds
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Lip Spatula
  • Dark Towels
  • Blanket for Client
  • Pen & Paper


Dates of course will be confirmed ASAP

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