Company Profile

Helia-D International

Helia-D International is one of the largest distributors of Beauty and Hair products specialising in depilatory waxes. Melinda Hazafi-van der Walt, the Director, is the creator of Supernova & Melinda waxes. Helia-D International distributes depilatory waxes & kits, salon furniture and equipment, disposables and consumables to beauty schools, salons and therapists.

Melinda launched a synthetic range of Supernova waxes, using the finest, ingredients that are pliable and easy to use. A unique formulation that reduces redness, skin reactions and most importantly its literally pain free. The range consists of hot, strip and film waxes. Supernova also launched a vegan Body Souffle & Buff that is wonderful to use to exfoliate and moisturise the body without skin reactions.

The Melinda waxes range is made from rosin & beeswax and is a high- quality depilatory wax as used by professional salons. Melinda manicure and pedicure consumables are value adds to beauty treatments in the salon.

The waxes are distributed by regional Melinda wax agents, nationally and internationally. Helia-D International seeks to empower entrepreneurs, to build self sustaining businesses and assist in the consultation and introduction of the brand through agent’s road shows, product training at beauty training colleges, in house salon training and Master Classes with Melinda. Melinda van der Walt has her own salon with a fully booked diary, and waxes clients in the minimum amount of time. She offers Brazilian wax treatments to men and woman and reduces painful waxing to clients. She is the best in the industry and happily trains at most beauty training
colleges in South Africa as well as therapist that want to learn this skill. Helia-D International also provides consultation in the opening of new salons and the management of existing salons. We re-train existing therapists in line with new techniques and follow up on short comings in previous trainings. Helia-D is the leader in training waxing on the African continent.