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Helia-D International Company Profile

Melinda van der Walt is the Director of Helia-D International and is qualified in beauty courses, assessor, and moderator as well as business qualifications that include a MBA.

The Helia-D International Health and Beauty training colleges offer beauty therapy courses since 1997 in Randburg and then expanded into regional sites of delivery in Rustenburg, and recently Johannesburg South.

Our philosophy is the “Art of Beauty” is to be mastered by students and therapists. Helia-D Colleges offer small personalised classes and concentrate on theory and practical that is salon orientated. Helia-D students are sought after in the industry due the intense and professional training. We don’t cut corners and take pride in all of our graduates.

The regional campuses are extensions of the main Randburg campus and monitored internally by head office. Each campus is independent and assessments are done by head office. Students must complete case students under college supervision and experiential hours at supervised salons. Learners are assisted with employment opportunities through the college and social media platforms. View website:

“Our Vision is to be the BEST in providing Quality Education Training, Practical Knowledge and Learner Satisfaction. Leading the way in the Development and Implementation of Beauty Therapy Qualifications in the Professional Health and Skincare Therapy Field”

"To Be the Best Study with the Best!"

Our Mission

  • Credibility in Education and Training competencies: To develop a learner’s ability to become a unique individual in the Health and Beauty services related market, by learning the fundamental, core and elective competencies and applying them in work related situations.
  • Integration of the systems and approaches using assessments and moderations in education and training skills in theory and practical areas relating to the accredited outcomes.
  • Experiential learning by offering in-house salon and partnership collaboration training with beauty salons in order to maintain learning outcomes and exercise training facilitation. Offering the learners employment opportunities in the beauty salons as part of the course and qualifications.
  • Social and Business Skills development in learning to work with people and promote business activities.
  • Cultural Relations in offering personalized classes to provide quality and individual attention, by offering fair advantage in training opportunities.
  • Resources and Intellectual Property provided to assist with development. Standards of the qualification are closely followed
    as accredited by SAQA.
  • Bridging gaps and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) between work industries, thereby furthering education and assisting with adult empowerment whereby giving credit to learners who have gained experience through life and non-formal courses.
  • Technological advances allowing learners to maintain and upgrade in a profession that has technology that is constantly advancing towards development of the Professional Beauty Therapy Trade.
  • Portability of credits and Flexibility of the institution to allow for learners to transfer credits from one institution to another. Unit standards to be compared and an RPL procedure implemented to benefit the learner financially and ethically whereby allowing an atmosphere cultivate and nurture awareness and motivate a lifelong learning for the learners.


Helia-D International Course Enrolments:

Full Time Qualifications

  • National -6 months Beauty Technology 80646
  • National -1 year Beauty Technology including Massage 80646
  • National -1 year Beauty & Nail Technology including Nail Technology & Massage 80646
  • International - 6 months Beauty Technology ITEC
  • International - 6 months Facial & Body electrical ITEC
  • International - 6 months Holistic Therapies ITEC

Part Time Courses

  • Manicure & Pedicure - 30 hours
  • Waxing / Depilation including Brazilian wax training - 30 hours
  • Skin Care & Eye Treatments - 36 hours
  • Make-Up Artistry - 30 hours
  • Nail Technology - 33 hours
  • Holistic Massage - 30 hours


Learnerships Requests


  • We can offer group discounts to offer more opportunity for further enrolments.
  • Helia-D International is a wholesaler to the Beauty & Hair and can assist with discounted prices to learnship programmes.

In addition to having 3 campuses and currently in negotiation with potential future sites we also are suppliers of Beauty salon & hair dressing products to the industry since 1992.

We have regional agents that distribute Supernova & Melinda waxes nationally in Africa.




Helia-D International Brands

Helia-D International distributes salon furniture and equipment, disposables and consumables to beauty schools, salons and therapists.

Melinda waxes celebrated 13 years of manufacturing and distribution. Melinda has recently launched the Supernova waxes use the finest ingredients and are pliable and easy to use. The range consists of hot, strip, film waxes. Melinda also manufactures high quality manicure and pedicure consumables used by thousands of professional salons.

The waxes are distributed by regional Melinda wax agents nationally and internationally. Helia-D International seeks to empower entrepreneurs to build self-sustaining businesses and assists in the consultation and engages of the brand through agent’s road shows, product training at beauty training colleges, in house salon training and Cubicle Conversion.

Melinda van der Walt has her own salon with a fully booked diary and waxes clients in the minimum time in Brazilian wax treatments to men and woman and reduces painful waxing to clients. She is the best in the industry and happily trains at most beauty training colleges in South Africa as well as therapist that want to learn this skill.

Helia-D International also manufactures Helia-D Inspired fragrances to the salon and retail market. These beautifully presented fragrances are inspired by well-known brands and the use imported essential oils from France. They are long lasted and wonderful gifts to friends and family at affordable prices.

Helia-D International also distributes the Spa Valous candles that are soy candles blended with essential oils used according the chakras of the body.

Helia-D International also provides consultation in the opening of new salons and the management of existing salons. We re-train existing therapists in line with new techniques and follow up on short comings in previous trainings.

Helia-D envisages being the majority leader in further education training for beauty therapy and distributor of Melinda waxes and branded products to the beauty and salon industry.



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