Holistic Massage Course 30 Hours

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Massage is often called soft tissue manipulation. Soft tissue is a general term to cover all the superficial tissues other than bone, i.e. Skin, fat, muscle and other connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons that may be affected by massage. The hands are very sensitive and dextrous parts of the body so that while they are performing massage strokes they will also be receiving information about the body being worked on – information such as the temperature of the body, texture of the skin, firmness of the muscles, the relative thinness or fatness of the body and of course whether the hands are working on bony or soft tissue.

Theory Course Outline:

Basic theory regarding the massage treatments, including Hygiene & Sterilization

Practical Course Outline:

Practical step by step on the Massage treatments

Case Study Requirements:

Case studies must be completed and found competent before certification is provided.


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