Melinda Waxes

Helia-D International introduced their additional business - Melinda Wax, a uniquely formulated product celebrating more than a decade of manufacturing and distribution in South Africa & internationally, where only the best ingredients are used. Designed and tested by Melinda, the waxes are elegantly packaged for the professional waxing therapist. The waxes are pliable, non-sticky and easy to use. The waxes are manufactured and designed for professional therapists and enjoyed by the end users.

Melinda is the only Brazilian wax trainer in South Africa at numerous beauty training centres and has been professionally waxing clients for more than 20 years. She performs a full Hollywood/ Brazilian wax in 5 min.

Melinda trains students and beauty therapists in advanced waxing as part of the Master Class programme. The Supernova wax DVD demonstrates the correct waxing techniques for all areas of the body for men and women-including Brazilian waxing.

Support a locally manufactured South African brand, support Melinda Waxes!

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