Nordens Ultimate Liposomal Vit C 1000mg - Retail

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Nordens Ultimate Liposomal Vit C - 1000mg

Every Serving of Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C Contains:

  • 1,000 mg Vitamin C
  • 1,000 mg Essential Phospholipids

Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C contains No Sugar, is Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Hexane Free


NOTE: This product requires refrigeration during storage, but not during shipping.


Why Liposomal Is Better

Most ordinary forms of oral vitamin C – tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even the vitamin C from your diet – are not processed and absorbed efficiently by your body. As a result, much of this vitamin C is never transferred into your bloodstream and even less of it makes it into your cells where it’s needed most. In fact, when you take 1,000 mg or more of regular oral vitamin C, more than half of it is passed as waste by your body.1

Until now…

Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C encapsulates the C molecules in liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids, which protect the vitamin C from destruction in the digestive system. Within minutes of taking Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C, liposomes filled with vitamin C are transported directly into your bloodstream, and into your cells.

This liposome-encapsulated form of vitamin C is the first choice of people who really understand bioavailability and the importance of high-dose vitamin C. Other forms of vitamin C succumb to absorption barriers that vastly limit the level of vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream. Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C crashes through these barriers to get high potency vitamin C where you need it most, your cells.

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