Microblading Course – 3 Days


Total of R10 895.00 for the course includes Microblading Kit.

Duration: 3 Full days

Day 1: Theory, Practice & Live Demo

Day 2: Student Practical (2 x Models Required)

After Training

Case studies X 10 Clients
Theory exam
Trainer/student support

Day 1&2: Theory

• Ethics & Professionalism

• What is Microblading all about?

• Basic Skin Theory

• Microblading VS Permanent Makeup

• Colour Choices


• Safety while working on the skin

• Patch Testing

• Anesthetics

• Photography

• Paperwork

• Set-up

• Brow Shaping

• Basic Business

• Demonstration on live model

• Practice Skins

• Lunch

Day 3: Practical

• Students are required bring along 2 X models (of their choice) for a practical application of the techniques they have learned.

• You will be required to set up your station and bed; give your model all the necessary documents to complete; take the relevant photographs; apply anesthetics; and complete your procedure.

• During this time you will have a qualified trainer and assessor monitoring and helping you (where needed) through the procedure.

• You will be assessed and marked based on the outcome of your procedure

After you have completed your Course:

• You are required to complete 10 X case studies (10 X clients) with before and after photos of each client (PRINTED); together with all their information documents in a file and submitted to Helia-D International for assessment.

• You are welcome to charge these clients during your case studies, and once they have been evaluated and passed, a certificate of completion will be issued to you.

What can I charge?

As a student R 2 000.00 including the treatment and a touch up.

Once qualified?

R 1800.00 for treatment.

R 900.00 for a touch up.

Micro blading Kit Includes: (Valued @ R3 900.00)

1 Practice Pad

1 Training manual

30 Various Blades

1 Entry Hand Tool

1 Tint Bowl

1 Container for Sterilant

50 Microbrush

1 Kidney Bowl

250ml Sterigel

250ml Cold Sterilant

10ml Numb Master Anaesthetic

10ml Blue Gel Anaesthetic

3 MB Pigments

50 Pigment Rings

1 Bio Scrub

1 Squeeze Bottle

1 Sharps bin

1 Brow Ruler

1 Skin Marker

Students to Bring Along

1 X Oil free Makeup Remover
2 X Kitchen Paper
1 X Box Tissues
Ear buds
2 X packs of Cotton Rounds
1 X pack of Lip Spatulas
1 X dark towels
1 X Blanket for client
1 X Pen & Paper

Next Booking Date: 9th October

Course Time:

Day 1&2: 9am – 4pm.

Day 3: Practicals 9am & 11am.

Limited spaces to max 4 students.

Payment is to be made 2 weeks before the commencement of the course.



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