Permanent Make-up course – 5 Days


Price is inclusive of FULL KIT for course and Case Studies

Duration: 5 Full days

Day 1: Theory, Practice pads, Machine set up

Theory Covered
Professional Ethics
What is Permanent Makeup
How safe is Micropigmentation
Different Types of Devices
Why choose these procedures
Theory on Skin basics
PMU VS other methods
Pigments Used
Bloodborne Pathogens
Patch Testing
Application of Pigment
Client Consultation
Forms & Paperwork
Perfecting a Shape
Colour Theory
Business Organization
Case Studies
Day 2: Student Practical

3 X Powder Brows Models

Day 3: Student Practical

3 X Eyeliner Models
Day 4: Student Practical

3 X Lipliner Models
Day 5: Practical Exam (all methods)

Students to demonstrate all techniques learned.
1 model for all procedures, or 1 for each procedure. (Brows, lips and eyeliner)
Time: 9am till 4pm

After Training

Case studies X 25 Clients
Theory exam
Trainer/student support
Optional OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens exam
You are welcome to have models that are willing to sit for more than 1 procedure.

You will be required to set up your station and bed; give your model all the necessary documents to complete; take the relevant photographs; apply anesthetics; and complete your procedure.
During this time you will have a qualified trainer and assessor monitoring and helping you (where needed) through the procedure.
You will be assessed and marked based on the outcome of your procedure
You will receive a report via email based on your exam results.
You will be able to take your kit home after your exam is completed.
After you have completed your course:

You are required to complete 50 hours of case studies (+- 25 clients) with before and after photos of each client (PRINTED); together with all their information documents in a file and submitted to the academy for evaluation.
You are welcome to charge these clients during your case studies, and once they have been evaluated and passed, a certificate of completion will be issued to you.
You will receive a THEORY exam via email once you have completed your practical aspect of the course, and it is an OPEN BOOK, exam which will need to be submitted within 2 weeks of receipt. (Printed, labeled and submitted)
Student Refreshments

Tea, Coffee (Students and Models)
Light Lunch (Students Only)
Permanent Makeup Kit:

1 Rotary Machine

25 Needles (Various Sizes)

25 Needle Caps

1 Practice Pad

Box Latex Gloves

Box Nitrile Gloves

1 Tint Bowl

1 Container for Sterilant

50 Microbrush

1 Kidney Bowl

250ml Sterigel

250ml Cold Sterilant

250ml Antiseptic hand wash

10ml Numb Master

10ml Blue Gel

Box Face masques

10 PMU Pigments

50 Pigment Pots

1 Bio Scrub

1 Squeeze Bottle

20 Alcohol Swabs

pack of 50 Hair nets

1l Sharps bin

50l Softs Bin

1 Waterproof Pencil

1 Sharpener

1 Brow Ruler

1 Skin Marker

1 Tweezer

1 Cooling Masque

Students to Bring Along

1 X Oil free Makeup Remover

2 X Kitchen Paper

1 X Box Tissues

Ear buds

2 X packs of Cotton Rounds

1 X pack of Lip Spatulas

1 X dark towels

1 X Blanket for client

1 X Pen & Paper

Book Classes in advance as we have limited spaces

Next Booking Dates 2018: 23rd October
Course Time: 9am – 4pm

Limited spaces to max 4 students

Payment is to be made 2 weeks before the commencement of the course



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