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Our lashes are made from soft and naturally curved synthetic silk, so they look and feel identical to human lashes. The use of the most advanced adhesives ensures the best possible bond to the natural lashes. This results in longer, thicker, more natural looking lashes which last the life of the client’s own eyelashes.
In addition to top quality lashes, we also supply affordable lashing tools and accessories required to perform a perfect lash extension. Should you require further training on lash extensions, we provide in house training on our lash products, to ensure you achieve the best results. Training dates will be posted on our web site.

Lash course course outline training dates

We offer the following training courses:
1. Conversion Course for Classic and Volume Eyelash extensions (includes Hybrid techniques)

Conversion course PDF

2. Classic Eyelash Extensions (includes Hybrid techniques)

Classic course PDF

3. Volume Eyelash Extensions (includes Hybrid techniques)

Volume course PDF

Eyelash courses offer a quick return on investment and endless earning potential in an ever changing, growing and exciting industry.

Enquire about our course dates and book your seat with the best in Brand training



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