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Eyelash courses offer a quick return on investment and endless earning potential in an ever changing and exciting industry.

Classic Lash Training & Lash Lifting

This is the first course you will do before progressing onto the advanced courses. No previous experience or beauty qualification is required. You will learn Classic Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifting/Eyelash Perming. Classic lashes adhere as an individual lash extension to one natural eyelash. Lash Lifting is semi permanently curling the natural eyelash. The Lash lift kit is not included in the eyelash extension course; however, you will get a chance to do the treatment during training. You will receive the full eyelash kit.

Training will be 30 hours. It is broken down as follows:

Day 1 – Theory (4 Hours) No Model Required 9am-1pm
Day 2 – Practical (5 Hours) Bring 1 model 9pm-2pm
Day 3 – Practical (7 Hours) Bring 2 models 9am-4pm
Day 4 – Practical (7 Hours) Bring 2 models 9am-4pm
Day 5 – Practical (7 Hours) Bring 2 models 9am-4pm

Students are required to complete 10 x Case Studies, Practical and a Theory Assessment to be found competent before certification is issued. A pass is 70% and above. Models are required for the course.

Training Fees

Full Training – R 6 000 incl VAT which includes a kit to the value of R 3 000

Volume/Russian/Hybrid Lash Training

Once you have mastered the art of Classic lashes you will be ready for your advanced lash training which is Volume or otherwise known as Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. Generally, after 1-2 years of Classic lashing experience is ideal. This course will teach students to apply multiple extensions of 2 up to 6 lashes on one natural eyelash. Full and more volumised looks can be achieved. As well as the latest trends and techniques of Hybrid lashes.

The course is two full days, there after students are required to submit 10 case studies to qualify for their certificate.

Training Fees

Full Training – R 6 000 incl VAT includes a kit

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