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Supernova Wax Training with Melinda | Workshop for Beginners

Melinda is the top wax trainer in South Africa and offers national product training and Masterclass to qualified beauty therapists. A new course has been added to our workshops that include waxing for beginners. Whether you want to upskill or learn how to wax using the Supernova wax, Melinda will train you to wax quickly and efficiently. Waxing course includes 6 lessons as well as two examinations. Case studies must be completed before the Supernova wax training certificate for beginners is issued.

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Wax Course Outline PDF

Beginners course dates for 2020 out now!

Beginners Wax Course PDF

* Models are strictly required for Lessons 2-8

Lesson 1- Theory Content with Manual & ppt
· Types of Hair Removal
· Advantages and Disadvantages to waxing
· Anatomy of hair/ Structure of the hair / Types of hair
· Stages of hair growth / Abnormal hair growth/ Endocrine influences
· Hygiene & Sterilisation essential for waxing
· Equipment required & setup for waxing
· Types of waxes / Time Allocation for waxing / Methods of application & removal
· Contraindications to waxing
· Client consultation/ Consultation card & sample case study
Practical training includes correct posture and handling of the wax correctly

Lesson 2
· Strip wax training with spatula and roller system for legs, arms, chest, back and as a clean up after Hot and Hot Film waxing

Lesson 3
· Hot waxing for face, underarm and bikini/Brazilian

Lesson 4
· Hot Film waxing for face, underarm and bikini/Brazilian

Lesson 5
· Full body waxing for males and female models

Lesson 6
· Full body waxing for males and female models
Case Studies for Supernova waxes are completed must be handed in before mock and final examinations are permitted

Lesson 7
· Mock examination Theory & Practical

Lesson 8
· Final examination Theory & Practical
What you will achieve is professional training as one on one with Melinda to achieve a full body wax for females as 30-40minutes for female clients and 60 -80min for male clients.

Day of training with no exception: Monday from 09:00-13:00
Supernova wax kit: POA
Consumables required for course: POA
Linen required – POA
Uniform is black pants and white shirt with a Pinafore
We look forward to training you with the best:


Please contact: 011 789 8140 011 7872031 or email heliad@iafrica.com


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