Second Year Facial & Body Electrical & Specialisation

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Course Includes:

  • Figure Diagnosis and Body Electrical
  • Facial Electrical
  • Anatomy and physiology (1 year)
  • Body Specialised
  • Nutrition I & II
  • Physics

(Please Note- Anatomy and Physiology (1 year), Professional Conduct and Business Awareness are required for entrance into ITEC with prescribed Case Studies)

Experiential Training:

Salon Hours must be completed for both programmes.
Case studies for each core subject are done on premises with assistance of facilitators (minimum two afternoons /week i.e. Monday – Thursday 2-4 pm on college premises)

Tuition fees:

Deposit - R5 000 (payable on application)
Uniform - R1 245 (payable on application - unless already purchased in year 1)
Course Fee - R25 000 (4 monthly instalments)
Practical Kit Estimate - R1 500 (subject to change without prior notice)
Independent ITEC Assessment Estimate - R5 000 (International Examination fee dependent on the exchange rate)
TOTAL TUITION FEES - R36 500 (Total payment required before final National and International Examinations)

Payment Requirements:

  • The Deposit is payable on enrolment R 5 000
  • The uniform is optional if purchased in the 1st year
  • Monthly instalments include the Course fee, Practical kit, The ITEC International exam fee and is payable over 4 months @ R 7 875
  • Instalments fees commence strictly from 1 Feb 2016 till 1 May 2016. Learners only receive kits once deposit and 1st instalment is paid.
  • ITEC international fees are included in Tuition fees for learners to have better employment opportunities
  • Course fees are payable by 1st of each month to avoid suspension

This course has the course outline as well as the requirements for the ITEC Facial and body Electrical Diploma

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