Supernova Salon Wax Kit

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1 x Sunburst / Full Moon Gel Strip Wax 800g

1 x Green Nebula / Dark Matter (Black) Hot Wax 1kg 

1 x Pink Pleiades/ Milky Way/ Vortex Azure Hot Film Wax 1kg

1 x Lemon-Pine Pre-Wax Spray 300ml

1 x Blueberry Post Wax Lotion 300ml

1 x Spicy Cinnamon Two-tone Post Oil 300ml

1 x Tongue Depressors 100's

1 x Lip Spatula 50's

1 x Precut strips 100s

2 x Wax tin 800g for Hot Wax & Hot Film Wax as no mixing with other waxes are permitted

(No heater in opening order)

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