Supernova Wax in Placecol, Dream Nails and Perfect 10

Supernova Wax is coming to Placecol , Dream Nails and Perfect 10 salons nationally!

Over the next few weeks , Melinda , the No1 waxing specialist & trainer in South Africa, will be personally training the Imbalie Group of franchises – Placecol , Dream Nails and Perfect 10 , beauty therapists nationwide , to ensure the best in waxing techniques for clients. Supernova is made from a unique synthetic resin that is the latest in wax technology, to greatly reduce reactions, redness and pain as experienced from the use of other waxes .


Staying smooth is even easier this summer with Imbalie Beauty and Supernova Wax

As a long-standing leader in the South African beauty landscape, Imbalie Beauty completes tens of thousands of wax treatments each year, as we help our clientele in their quest to stay smooth.

We are committed to bringing our clients market-leading products and services, and are delighted to announce that we will be introducing the Supernova Wax range into all Placecol, Dream Nails and Perfect 10 salons nationwide. As the official national supplier of Supernova waxes, Helia-D confirms that “Supernova Wax is the latest in wax technology which greatly reduces pain and skin reactions on customers! It is a lightly fragranced, synthetic wax, which is applied at a warm, gentle temperature.” Imbalie Beauty is currently conducting extensive training with Supernova Wax with all our therapists. “Melinda is the No. 1 Waxer and Trainer in South Africa and is committed to training our therapists to wax our clients with a product that greatly lessens pain experienced during waxing, and reduces skin reactions and skin redness experienced by our valued customers” says: Lisa Leibov, Principal of the Imbalie Beauty Training Academy.



All Supernova Waxes are manufactured from a world class, synthetic grade specially manufactured resin. This is an FDA approved product, as well as a cosmetic grade product. It is also completely non-toxic to the skin. The base of Supernova resin is derived from a variety of cosmetic grade approved oils. Supernova is often affectionately referred to as a “plastic” wax by our customers. Because of it has no pungent rosin smell, is a non-skin irritating product, consistent formula from batch to batch, and overall unique nature.
  • Supernova is not plastic based molecularly, nor is this resin type used in straws or plastic packets that pollute the worlds seas and landfills.
  • This type of harmful-to-the-skin industrial grade plastic resin used to make plastic products contains harmful chemicals like BPA, Silicates and Phthalates. While Supernova does NOT contain any of these products.
  • The resin family of Supernova versus Plastic products are completely on different spectrums.
  • Plastic, by simple definition, can be described as follows, by dictionary definition: “a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers”.
  • Supernova is manufactured using a synthetic resin compound. Completely safe for skin contact and approved for use in a wide range of cosmetic products globally. We have chosen to use this world class products in our waxes.
  • This very special Supernova resin is used to ensure client comfort during waxing treatment and low heat during each waxing application, to ensure client comfort.