Who is Melinda?

Melinda - Queen Brazilian Waxer


Who is Melinda?

Melinda has been waxing clients for more than 25 years. She performs a full Hollywood wax that includes the buttocks between 3min to 5min.

Melinda trains students and beauty therapists on a weekly basis and offers advanced courses and training as part of the Cubicle Conversion loyalty programme. Melinda has demonstrated her waxing abilities in the Melinda DVD for all areas of the body. This includes Brazilian waxing for men and woman.

Melinda is also the creator of the amazing Supernova Wax & Melinda Wax products.

What makes Melinda waxes different to other waxes?

Melinda wax is a uniquely formulated product where only the best ingredients are used. Designed and tested by Melinda the waxes are elegantly packaged for the professional waxing therapist.

5 ways that Melinda is different to other waxes:

  1. Superior Quality - Only the finest of resin and active ingredients are used in Melinda waxes. The waxes will not crystallise and will not leave hard residue in heaters. Due to its pliability the Melinda Hot and Film waxes will not break on removal when used correctly.
  2. Variety of waxes - Melinda developed an exciting range of flavours that enhance the aesthetics of the waxes. Flavours range from fresh fruit and plant extracts to a variety of precious elements.
  3. Economical Product - Melinda waxes are thinly applied at low temperature. It can be quickly removed without the waiting for extended drying times.
  4. Save on Waxing Treatment Time - Melinda waxes adhere and remove easily within a few seconds. Melinda Strip wax is silky smooth and removes easily, whilst the Melinda Hot wax is still pliable after removal. Film waxes dry super-fast and can be removed when moist.
  5. The Bottom line - Melinda waxes are reasonably priced, user friendly, economical and have an excellent rate of hair removal. Saving you time and money, Melinda waxes will increase salons profitability.

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